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The Principles of
Christ Consciousness

"God is Light, Light is Love and Love is the true expression of who we are" 

- Sheryl D'Roza


How to work with chakras

Love is our essence, the true core of what we are made from. It is the embrace of compassion, understanding, kindness, forgiveness, tolerance and patience. Most of all, when we express these things in true unconditional love, we can feel and see how we grow and how every soul that comes into our energy grows and shines as well. We only feel and see how love works through the sharing and caring that we give and receive. One cannot give love if they don’t feel love, and one can’t receive love if they have not felt the love energy within themselves. When our hearts are opened to receiving and giving our essence of love, we then feel alive, joyful, fresh and our cells dance to express the love essence which can be noticed through all our senses. This can be seen when we encounter another being, they will feel your love through your touch, they will see it in your eyes through your smile, hear it in the tone of your voice and words you express and taste it through sensing the essence of your true love from within. At this time on our earth we can see how important the essence of love is for all to use and share. Raise your vibrations in love through strengthening and sharing your essence in this world. Love is all we take with us when we leave this body and love is all we leave behind.


How to work with chakras

Truth is our expression, our foundation for the soul’s journey. How we walk this earth in our truth determines who we are, what we become and where we go when we leave this earth plane. Truth is the fertilizer that strengthens the roots that hold up our backbone in order to support our body, mind, heart and emotions. It is the tuning folk in balancing the divine triangle within us to receive wisdom in consciousness. In order to raise vibrations, we need to address and embrace the truth within and out, in the way we express and receive it. Truth and trust go hand in hand for one cannot stand on its own because it will crumble. At this time on our earth planet it is important to know what the truth is and which to trust for we will be tested very much at this time. This can and will also impact ones live and lifestyle on a daily basis.


How to work with chakras

We are light being in human form and we are here to use our light energy for the highest good of all. How we share and use our energy in this world determines the energy we give and receive. Having the knowledge of chakra energy and how to use it can activate ones energy levels to higher and stronger vibrations in order to maintain a healthy body, mind, and balanced emotions. Knowing how to activate your light can assist in healing yourself and others through the powerful force within you. Sheryl can assist in bringing up the awareness of your light energy and help you to activate it using techniques in breathing and meditation. From light we have come, to light we will return, weaving patterns of energy in waves of consciousness expressing love.

Shifting Consciousness

How to work with chakras

Shifting Consciousness for the 21st Century is here to assist in how to adapt with this major shift in our world. Why? Because we are all a part of the earths matrix through the great divine energy. What I do affects you, what you do affects me and what WE do affects our whole world. This realisation which lay dormant in our Higher Consciousness is awakened in this great shift for our earth planet. We choose to be here in spirit to assist with this great shift by being born in this time. It is such a great time now because we can co-create this planet for the new beginnings. We are seeing daily how the Consciousness of this Planet is shifting on a fast track through the way: •we communicate and exchange energy •the way we do business •the way we teach our children •the way we speak to each other •the realisation of Consciousness as a whole How we adapt, shift and flow with the changes will strongly depend on the state of Consciousness one is in now. For example, if one is in constant survival mode then one will be limited to the awareness of what is happening in the world. However, if one has all their needs meet then one can expand their awareness beyond what is happening in the world. When we open our awareness to understand that we are all connected, the vibrations are raised and the consciousness shift takes place on our planet. Feel the power within you as we raise our vibrations to co- create our new earth consciousness.

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