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How to work with chakras


I like to think that I am simply, just me. I live my life through the pillars of Love, Light and Truth. I embody what I teach and truly walk my talk. My purpose is to help others shift their consciousness and live a balanced and beautiful life in today’s ever-changing landscape.


I work in different ways with all ages to help people navigate their wellbeing using the principles of Christ Consciousness, meditation, chakras, self-discovery, healing and empowerment. Having been in this field for over 40 years I meet people where they are at and move forward with an individualised plan for their highest growth.


One of my passions is working with children. They are our future, and the more in tune they are with their body, mind and soul from a young age, the happier and more functional they will be as adults.


3 things you don’t know about me:

1.   I’m secretly a big gamer fan. I play Call of Duty with my grandchild, nephew and friends regularly. Sometimes I let them win. Most of all I love spending time with my grandchildren and having play dates in person or on video calls.

2.   I love music and dance. I frequently give the neighbours a good laugh by going out into the garden in my nightie on a full moon and having a dance session. Breaking out into song whilst gardening means I am getting some really good top 40 charts karaoke practice.

3.   My passion is to retreat to my “dream house” (a wooden studio in my garden) as my granddaughter Nyah calls it, and indulging in seeking, delving and finding wisdom through the knowledge of the past foundations in history books. Doing my writing, poetry, art, numerology and astrology and sometimes just sitting in meditation or looking out into my beautiful garden and atoning in it.

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